Moslah Shrine Center

Moslah Shrine has a rich and colorful history. Moslah Shrine was given special dispensation to operate on May 14, 1914, and by December 31, 1914, membership had grown to 659 Nobles. It was granted a permanent charter at Imperial Session in Seattle, Washington on July 13, 1915. Moslah Patrol and Moslah Band were the first two units organized and chartered in 1914. Moslah Shrine now boasts a total of 12 units, 11 clubs, and 2 associations, with total membership of over 2600, making it the 3rd largest Shrine Center in the state of Texas.

Ground was broken on the first Moslah Shrine Center, or Mosque as it was then called, on Reynolds Point overlooking Lake Worth, on September 5, 1917. This building was destroyed by fire on January 10, 1929. Shortly thereafter, Moslah Shrine moved into the Masonic Temple at 1100 Henderson St., where it has resided ever since.

Moslah Shrine Circus has enjoyed 75 years of bringing good clean family fun to Fort Worth.

If you would like to become a part of Moslah Shrine, please go to www.beashrinernow.com  for more information.

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